Call 8 countries 100 times cheaper but as well Indonesia 18 (Jakarta as well 18), Morocco 7, the Netherlands Antilles 11,7 Surinam 10 and Turkey 30 (Istanbul as well 30) times cheaper!!!!!

On this site you can read how to make cheaper phone calls with foreign destinations.
In the comparisons behind your destination (only shown in Dutch) you see under the heading GOEDKOOPST which supplier has the lowest prices in peak- or off peak and how much you pay per minute.
Under the heading BIJZONDERHEDEN you can either find the telephone number you can directly use when the lowest rates is offered by a 090X-supplier,
or perhaps some other relevant information.

With the extended comparison under the heading FACTOREN you can see how many times you can call cheaper than with the most expensive supplier.

Click on the name of the supplier with the lowest rates and youíll directly enter the site of that supplier!


Now there are pages for readers who donít use the services of KPN but of other providers, like cable television providers or ADSL-suppliers. Click on the left side on Ďno BelBAsis with KPNí or here.


Unfortunatly we get complaints about suppliers. If this continues we take suppliers out of the comparisons. This has already happened to de Belgigant, de Belknaller, Spaartelecom and Telestunt. The rates of de Belpiraat havenít even made it to the comparisons after complaints of our readers.


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