To choose an other supplier than KPN?

That’s possible. You keep your subscription with KPN but make your calls via an other supplier by whom you get a subscription but whom you only pay your phone calls. You can as well get subscriptions with multiple providers. You can’t get a free detailled bill anymore from most providers. Often you can get these via internet.


You can make cheaper phone calls without having to subscribe as well via 123Bel, Belbob, PhoneTone Telecom, TeleDiscount, TeleDump en Telegoedkoop. These companies use 090X-numbers. Payment takes place via your own provider’s bill.


If you receive radio and television by cable and your provider offers telephone calls you can switch to this provider. When you’re a ADSL user via a company that offers telephone calls, you can switch to this company and say ‘good bye’ to KPN. You can read more about this possibility below.


Carrier PreSelect (only for 16xx-suppliers)

By using the free number 0800 1273 you can select which suppliers you want to use automatically, without later having to type in the 16xx-number. Before doing so you have to subscribe with the supplier of your choice. You can select one for local, one for distant, one for mobile and one for international phone calls.


Start rate

For each phone call you pay a start rate. The one exception to this rule is Elephant Talk. Most start rates are ca. 5 cents per call.

KPN, OneTel en Tele 2 have higher rates.





You don’t have to use KPN for national telephone calls any more. You can call via Bel1601, 1609Bellen, 1643Telecom or Bel1649 and others.


Distant and mobile numbers are cheaper reachable via others, even when profit numbers (voordeelnummers) are used with KPN. You have to watch out!. Suppliers like OneTel and Tele2 earn money by charging higher start rates.


Elephant Talk is a positive exception, they don’t charge a start rate at all! A comparison of national rates might apear on this site in the future.


Suppliers like OneTel en Tele 2 offer lower rates when you choose them for Carrier Preselect (see above). But give you this possibility only when you choose them for national as well as for als international phone calls.


If you per se want to call via KPN  you can select 10 profit numbers (voordeelnummers) via 0800 0429, nowadays this is free of charge. By doing so you get a discharge only for calling these numbers.





Watch out for the start rates when using OneTel en Tele2. Different rates are in order for calling to mobile phones of different providers. For instance, calling a mobile of KPN in the weekends is cheaper than of others.


A while now, you can call a Dutch mobile phone for only 9 cents a minute via 1643.





Saving with international calls is a little less complicated. First you find your destination in the comparisonlist. Than you choose the supplier that offfers the lowest rates to most of your destinations and subscribe with that supplier. Afterwards you select this supplier for Carrier Preselect for internationals calls.


When there are more other countries you want to call to, you can use this supplier but you can subscribe as well to the cheapest. The only thing you have to do is to type the 16xx-number. If you, for instance, have selected Triple S (1636) for carrier preselect for international phone calls but want to call someone in Germany (ficticious number 0049 621 536378) via Universal Telecom (1670), you can then choose just to call via Triple S by choosing 0049 621 536378 but you can as well choose 1670 0049 621 536378 and by doing so use Universal Telecom.


There are lots of possibilities. Here think of the start rates too.  Some suppliers charge higher start rates. Here too Elephant Talk is the positive exception, by not charging a start rate at all.


Remind that calling to a foreign mobile phone is more expensive! (see the comparison “a forign mobile”). Watch out. KPN is not allways the most expensive.


Further more KPN offers foreign profit numbers (voordeelnummers). Remind that even than other suppliers are much more priceworthy.





Subscription is easy via the sites of suppliers that are linked at the bottom of our comparisonpages. You don’t have to subscribe for 123Bel, Belbob, PhoneTone Telecom, TeleDiscount, TeleDump en Telegoedkoop. Rates and 090X-numbers, changing regularly, are shown on their sites.





For using a mobile phone for international phone calls you can’t use suppliers with a 16xx-code. You can however use 090x-suppliers. You have te watch the fact that your mobile phone operator charges a fee per minute for using a 090x-number, the rate for this differs per supplier. You can however use BEL1601 or BEL1649 insted. With them you have to subscribe first, relay your mobile number. After that you can call via a national landline number. You have to send your number by using this service. In this way your fee for the international call is the cost for the connection to the land line. When your costs for this are low this is best. For calling via 0900-numbers you can use our pages for non-KPN subscribers. These pages are relevant as well for the next topic.





If you receive radio and television by cable or you’re a you are a ADSL-user and your supplier offers telephone calls as well, you can switch to this supplier and say ‘good bye’ to KPN. Even than you want to make cheaper telephone calls. You than can’t make use of 16XX-suppliers but can use 090x-numbers. You than use our pages for non-KPN subscribers



Extended, or standard comparison pages


From a number of readers we understand that the information density is to great for the complete comparison pages. Because of this we have desided to use comparison pages without the highest rates and the saving rates by default. The ‘old’ pages, with complete information are however, still available.



For the comparisons we use the data the suppliers quote on their sites.